I’m Abigail – a 21 year old, travel addict, novice sailor, dancer, university student, and chocoholic…

In 3 months I’ll be out of university with a degree in international management, thrown out into the world, independent, and unemployed. It’ll be the most terrifying time of my life. I’m so excited!

Whereas most of my friends are studying for their GMATS or bouncing around between job interviews, I’m flipping between researching for my honors thesis and researching the pages of my well-worn travel atlas for my next adventure. Unsure of where my life is going to take me or who I really am, this will be the classic story of a girl finding herself via my own personal “Captain’s Log” complete with all the excitement, embarrassment, travels, relationships, and memories of your 20’s.

After all, isn’t it the purpose of this decade to experience life? Our chance to be whoever we want to be? do whatever drives us? go wherever the wind takes us? and love whenever possible? If not, I didn’t get the memo.






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