Adventures cont.,

It’s been a while, a long while. I stopped blogging about a year ago. It doesn’t mean I didn’t try. For a while I didn’t feel like I had anything worth writing about, so that was a bummer. I’d stare at a blank screen for a half hour then give up, bugger off, and do something else. Life was at a standstill. Now it’s moving a mile a minute and I’m trying to keep up.

I’m still a flight attendant, even if I prefer International Global Relations Specialist… though when I mainly fly between Dallas and Detroit, the exotic nature of the game basically disappears. The job isn’t what it once used to be to say the least. However, I’m looking to make some alterations in my career path soon.

As for a personal life:

I’ve got a great man on the scene too, to whom I may have dedicated an article about a year ago, if you remember him…

He drives me crazy in all the good ways and has become my favorite travel partner. We’ve done a tour of Ireland and 3 days on a boat – with no head! – in St. Thomas this year already. Hopefully we’ll add some more trips to our list soon.

Guinness Storehouse

I’ve also got a new hobby.

Last year I remember sitting in front of my computer with “Hobbies” typed into the Google search bar… It was painful. By then I’d realized that I wasn’t happy and that hit like a ton of bricks. I’d uprooted my life in Boston then moved to Dallas, DC and back to Dallas – a place that will never feel like home; I work in a career that I don’t particularly like (they make me wear pantyhose which I’m pretty sure was developed by either sadistic men or nuns) and I make no money with no room for growth. I was stuck but I had no clue what else I wanted to do.

Then one day a crazy thought struck me. Every day I sit on a jump seat going to and from who knows where, 3,4, or 5 times a day. My jump seat is my office. It’s where I spend 130 flying hours a month and it has the cushioning of a stone wall and the most meager view of the outside on the whole plane. There’s usually a stale smell lingering from the lav and the shoulder strap chaffs your neck. Then one day I thought how cool it would be to see a takeoff and landing from the cockpit. So I did that. As a 24th birthday present to myself I got myself an intro flight lesson in a Piper Archer. I sat in the left seat and flew that sucker alongside a very capable CFI in the right seat. Now, a year later, I’m creeping up on my 25th birthday. I have about 35 hours in a Cessna172. I had my first solo on Cinco de Mayo – 3 takeoffs and three landings with full stops around the pattern. Besides taking the wrong taxiway once and getting laughed at by C/T, I nailed it! I logged my first flight as pilot in command and my instructor cut my shirt tails and everything!


Yesterday I had my short cross country solo. I flew FWS to Graham, TX and back. Today I flew over DFW from 4,500’MSL just for fun and watched the Boeing 787 Dreamliner probably bound for Chicago, takeoff. Next week I have my long cross country solo to knock out and my night flight later this month. My ultimate goal: to get on the other side of the cockpit door as a pilot as soon as possible.


Most people I’ve told are supportive. I think my Dad is my number one fan, and would be pretty jealous if he wasn’t already circumnavigating the world in his 45’ sailboat – basically he’s the coolest person I know. Toodle-oo! Pilots I work with are always giving me advice and info on how to accumulate hours and which routes to take: military vs. civilian, VFR, IFR, instrument rating, then commercial… Some others aren’t so supportive – mainly other pilots, the pigheaded male ones who need lessons in social etiquette anyway so I don’t take their comments too seriously.

Right now I’m loving it. I love the school where I take lessons. My CFI is awesome and there’s nothing like having the controls in your hand, and feeling the airplane respond to your commands as you look out over all the houses and farms and tiny ant cars and birds and people down below. I definitely recommend flying to anyone who thinks they might be interested.


Because I’m such a short ass…

As for me, I hope to be done with my Private by the winter and perhaps see about a position in a Navy or Air Force Reserve flight school so I can launch my career as a pilot with someone else footing the bill! Of course when I googled “hobbies” Google came up with knitting and painting and scrapbooking. No, I had to go for the most expensive hobby on the planet and fall in love with it. Good going girl! But damn do I think it’s worth it. Seriously, try it, you’ll love it!



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