Dating Confessions

Tucson Sunset

I had a date the other night. That in and of itself is a momentous occasion.

I bought a new dress – a short, blue, little backless number. I did my hair, and actually managed to succeed getting my makeup just right so it didn’t look like a toddler colored it on.

But this wasn’t just any date; it was a first date with a Notebook version, Ryan Gosling look-a-like, so I was determined to make an impression…

We met a few months ago on a late-night flight from Chicago to Tucson. I was his flight attendant and he was the most interesting, best-looking man to ever board my plane. We spent the next 3+ hours in the last rows of main cabin talking and doing crossword puzzles while everyone else slept around us. Since then, we’ve met in Tucson whenever I can get a layover there. Usually I get in late at night and depart the next morning. Most of our “dates” have been watching the evening news and unwinding after long days. But this time, we were going out and I had something special in mind… Along with a new dress, I bought a fancy bit of underwear complete with a remote control. He picked me up at my hotel and I slipped the remote in his hand trying to be coy.

We drove into town and settled at the bar of a Sushi restaurant. The place was crowded for a Wednesday night and luckily it was loud. We ordered dishes upon dishes of food. I’m a newbie to sushi so he gave me a lesson on how to order and warned me about the wasabi. I tried a little bit of everything, concentrating on holding my chopsticks correctly and how to stuff a whole salmon roll in my mouth at once without looking like an animal. Then, when I’d nearly forgotten about it he hit the button. He’d do it over and over throughout dinner for just a little at a time. After a while my composure started to crack and in an attempt to regain some of it I tried to steady myself against the bar. Instead, I knocked over a whole plate of egg rolls and soy sauce. The food was on the floor, I had soy sauce running down my arms and legs and my date laughing beside me. Miraculously the dress was unharmed. A little flushed I tried to finish what I could of my salmon roll with him giving me hidden looks from the corners of his eyes.

Judging by the big smile the chef behind the bar gave my date as he paid the bill, I’m certain he was onto us.

At least I can be certain I made a lasting impression!


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